Mayonnaise - Eggless

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Mayonnaise - Eggless

Postby Gituli » Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:00 am

Milk 2 cup Corn Flour 4 tbsp
Vinegar 1 tbsp Oil or Butter 2 tbsp
Sugar 1 tsp Mustard powder 1/4 tsp
Salt 1 tsp Pepper powder 1/4 tsp

And finally we learn how to make Mayo at home :) !!
    1. Add 1/4 cup milk to corn flour in a bowl and mix well without any lumps. Use balloon whisk.
    2. Heat the remaining milk in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.
    3. Add the above mixture to milk & cook on medium flame till it begins to thicken.
    4. Cool to room temperature & add mustard, pepper, salt, sugar, butter & vinegar and beat well with the balloon whisk till creamy.
    5. Transfer to a clean, dry bottle. Keep it tightly closed and refrigerated. Remains good for 10 days.
Use: Can be used as a dip for chips & a spread for sandwiches and salads.
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