Indian Calendar System

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Indian Calendar System

Postby Gituli » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:30 pm

There are many different systems of date & year calculation in India.
Most of these systems use a mix of both Lunar & Solar calendars.

Term Desc Starts Ends Details
Tithi 1 Day 1 Day in Lunar month**
Krushna Pakhya 15 Tithis After Full Moon Amavasya Waning / fading moon
Shukla Pakhya 15 Tithis New Moon Purnima Waxing moon
Amavaasya No Moon Day
Purnima Full Moon Day

**The progression of the moon from full moon to new moon is divided into fifteen equal arcs. Each arc measures one lunar day, called "tithi".Tithis begin at varying times of day and vary in duration from approximately 19 to approximately 26 hours.
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